Sited in a picture-perfect location overlooking grassy hills and oak forests at the edge of state park land, this remodel transformed a run-down, energy-guzzling, ranch house.  The remodel included replacing everything from the studs up with durable, resource-efficient materials, improving the connection to the site and functionality of spaces, and adding a front porch.  New systems were added including roof rainwater collection and photovoltaic panels.  Taken together, these changes reduced energy use almost 9 fold, making the house virtually passive solar.     
Two, 200-year old oak trees fell on the property during the design phase.  Not letting their demise go to waste, the trees were incorporated extensively into the design of the remodeled house.  In fact, almost all of the finish wood in the project, including fencing, siding, cabinetry, and flooring is salvaged, totaling over 6000 board feet of wood.